Tips for Using Email Marketing to Help Your Cannabis Business

Email is a very effective way to reach both new and prospective customers for any company or business in the cannabis realm. One of the benefits of email is that it offers the ability to provide more information than a social media post while also offering customized content and very specific and timely information about everything from cannabis products to cannabis laws.

Building a List

Building an email list is the first step in the process. This means collecting email addresses from all customers or prospective customers. Require all online purchasers to include an email and get emails addresses from sales within the dispensary. Most in-person customers, when asked for an email, readily provide this information, especially if discounts or opt-in incentives are offered.

Another way to build a list is to offer a free giveaway on your website and through all your social media marketing. Make it something of value, such as a guide, helpful tips, information about a specific product, strain, or other frequently asked questions from your existing customers.

Start Emailing on a Schedule

Determine the frequency of your emails and the style of emails to make things consistent for your customer base. A more casual and personal tone makes it readable, and adding relevant and timely content without looking salesy is critical.

Include your branding in all emails and develop a format that customers recognize as your brand and email. This encourages higher open rates, which means your target audience is interacting with the content you provide.

Email marketing campaigns that offer a coupon code or a special only available to the email subscribers are another way to add value for your customer base. Change this up and offer seasonal specials to encourage everyone to open and respond to each email.

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