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PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a model of digital advertising where you only pay a fee each time your ad is clicked by a visitor. The SM Services uses Google Ads PPC to drive active shoppers and live traffic right to your website. By utilizing Google Ads and PPC, we create a cost-effective way to target popular keywords to bring your website to the front page of Google. The SM Services has been running PPC in the dark to prove ourselves in the service over the past 2 years and have experienced dominant results. Schedule a consultation today and find out how you can utilize PPC to get ahead of today’s competitive digital landscape!

Learn More About PPC Advertising for Your Industry

An impression is counted each time an ad is visible on a page thus referring to when an ad is seen. We have achieved a higher Impression Share than multi-million dollar conglomerates advertising in the same industry space! 

One of the most significant advantages of PPC advertising for marketing is its ability to deliver immediate results. Unlike organic methods that may take time to gain traction, google ads can generate instant visibility for your brand. As soon as your google ads are approved, they can start appearing at the top of search engine results pages, driving relevant traffic to your website.

Tailored Keyword Strategy

We create a customized list of industry-focused keywords and demographics based on your target shoppers and how they are likely to search for your products. 

PPC google ads allow you to pinpoint your audience with surgical precision. Through demographic targeting, geographic location settings, and even device preferences, you can ensure that your google ads are seen by the most relevant potential customers. This targeted approach maximizes the efficiency of your marketing budget, as you’re not paying for impressions or clicks from users unlikely to convert.

Our strategy helps you rank above competitor organizations and show up at the absolute top of page for Google searches. This means your local business or ecommerce company will show up above organic searches, GMB listings, and Google Maps listings.  In the fast-paced digital landscape, consumer behavior and market trends can shift rapidly. Our marketing agency provides the flexibility to adapt to these changes quickly with daily account management. Whether it’s modifying ad copy, adjusting targeting parameters, or launching new campaigns, PPC google ads allow your business to stay agile and responsive to evolving market dynamics.

Choose Advertising that Fits You

Start marketing smarter, with our advertising machine-learning software. Browse our core advertising channels to find a solution that will take your business to the next level in today’s competitive world.

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