Modern Dispensary Advertising Roadblocks

One of the biggest challenges for any modern dispensary is staying informed of all of the restrictions and industry regulations that surround cannabis advertising. This is true for both digital advertising campaigns as well as print and other media.

State Regulations for Cannabis Advertising

Each state regulates the specific guidelines around recreational and medical marijuana based on its own policies and laws. It is essential for all dispensary advertising companies to be compliant with state regulations and to also deal with the federal laws which do not allow for the advertising, selling, or promotion of cannabis products in any form.

Basic Considerations

With this in mind, there are some general practices that help today’s dispensary advertising agencies to stay within state compliance. These include:

  • No use or consumption shown or implied – while people can be used in advertising images, they cannot be using or appear to be using cannabis in any form.
  • No testimonials – testimonials as to the quality, benefits, or the advantages of cannabis cannot be included in written or spoken form in any advertising. This includes images or advertising that appears to indicate a testimonial.
  • No medical benefits – dispensary advertising cannot state or imply that the use of cannabis has any specific or general medical or health benefits. This is a common issue that causes marijuana advertising to be out of compliance. In all states, even implying a health benefit or a doctor’s recommendation is a problem.

In addition, no advertising can show images, logos, photos, or other types of graphics that are likely to attract the attention of children. This means no cartoons, animations, or other types of advertising that would appeal to a minor.

The Right Solution
Getting the word out about your dispensary’s products can seem impossible when owners confront all of the rules and regulations that dictate the industry. However, there’s a solution. Instead of advertising cannabis, CBD products, or items that contain THC, dispensaries and e-commerce brands can safely market hemp products without fear of penalty. It’s a small matter of language – but an essential rule to know when you’re trying to grow your business in the modern digital arena.

Trust the experts at SM Services for all of your cannabis advertising needs, whether you represent a smaller local dispensary or an expanding e-commerce brand selling to customers nationwide. Our proven strategies can keep your advertising efforts on track and positioned for real digital growth. Get in touch with us today to discuss your marijuana marketing concerns.

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