Mastering Cannabis Advertising : Tips to Increase Conversions

Conversions and sales are the name of the game in advertising. Many services like SEO are great for building traffic and bringing people to your website, but how do you get them to actually make a purchase? This blog will give some advice on boosting website traffic and what you can do to turn that traffic into conversions.

1. Know Your Audience Inside Out: Before you convert a website visitor into a customer, you need to convert someone outside of your purchase bubble into a website visitor. Effective advertising starts with truly understanding who you’re talking to. Dive deep into what makes your audience tick – their interests, preferences, and pain points. Crafting ads that speak directly to their hearts and minds is the key to success.

2. Visuals that Tell Stories: Ever heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? In cannabis advertising, visuals are your storytellers. A well-put-together display advertisement can convey exactly what you’re selling and bring a person who is at the precipice of purchase right to your shop page. A banner at the top of your home page with some kind of discount code can convince repeat visitors and first time visitors alike to make a purchase.

3. Embrace Diverse Platforms: On average, it takes 7 interactions or touches before someone acts on your call to action(making a purchase). Repeat touches from the same point aren’t as effective as different touches. This means a person that sees your website organically through Google searches, sees your display advertisements on various websites, and sees you on social media is more likely to make a purchase than a person that has only seen you in one of those places. A diversified approach ensures your message reaches your audience wherever they are, and it builds trust when they see you in their spaces.

4. Retarget Your Traffic: It isn’t realistic to convert every website visitor into a customer, but you can increase conversions by providing strong first time deals or turning first time visitors into repeat visitors through email marketing. Setting up an email popup with Mailchimp or Klaviyo will greatly increase your form submission rate. One way of increasing this even further is including a discount for email subscribers and mentioning it on your popup.

5. Offer Strong Deals: Its true that offering incentives cuts into your profit margin, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor to your website. They haven’t tried your products before, so they have no point of reference for how good they are and how they stack up against the competition. Discounts and sales help to increase the likelihood of conversion.

6. Give Prospects The Information They Need To Make An Informed Purchase: Your customers know what they’re looking for. They want to know what the product you’re selling looks like, how much THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are in it, and what kind of effects they can expect after using it. If you have that information available, why not share it with customers? Informed customers are more likely to make a purchase, and more likely to spend more than uninformed customers.

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In conclusion, mastering cannabis advertising involves speaking authentically to your audience while navigating industry regulations. By implementing these strategies and partnering with seasoned professionals, you’ll not just boost visibility but forge meaningful connections and drive conversions for your brand.

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