How To Use Cannabis Consumer Data To Improve Conversions

In the dynamic realm of cannabis marketing, unlocking the potential of consumer data stands as a game-changer. Data and insights aren’t just numbers, they’re trends that tell you exactly who your consumers are, what they’re interested in, and how you can sell to them more effectively. Collecting data and properly analyzing it can help you greatly improve your sales, but misinterpreted data can do the exact opposite. If you need help collecting data and analyzing it, hire a cannabis marketing team like us.

Start by Collecting Data

Before you can analyze data, you need to collect it. How do you do this? POS systems and online menu tools like Dutchie will tell you exactly what your most popular items are, but if you want more personal information, you need to treat your customers like people and interact with them. Sending out surveys via email or having your budtenders in-stores ask them a question or two while checking them out can give you valuable insights into the people that are already engaging with your brand. Email tools like Klaviyo tell you what kind of information your customers are most interested in by tracking open and click through rates.

The Power of Personalization

All of this data can help you paint a picture of your likely buyers. This includes age demographics, location, interests, and all sorts of other information that helps cannabis marketing teams like ours develop strategies to target the people who are most likely to make a purchase.

Elevating Customer Journeys

Collecting data at every touchpoint from the first display ad served to the first email sent, will help you figure out how you can better serve your customers. You can look at the different drop-off points in the customer journey to figure out how you can boost sales. If your emails have high open and click through rates but low conversions, maybe it means your prices are a bit too high or maybe it means your website is difficult to navigate.

Use Data To Inform Discounts

Reward repeat customers with points systems or percentage discounts. You can use your sales data and the click through rates of your different advertising channels to put together future promotions. If you know your customers love flower and respond well to BOGO deals, why not give them exactly what they want?

For deeper insights into optimizing your cannabis marketing strategies through consumer data, explore The SM Services today.

Remember, behind every data point lies an opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level and transform it into meaningful conversions.

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