Email Marketing Platforms That Are Cannabis Friendly

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with current customers and to build a relationship with prospective customers. Having an email list that is small is not a concern, as with effective marketing it will continue to grow. The cannabis email marketing experts at SM Services are also happy to help you setup a starter email campaign to start collecting emails – everyone has to start somewhere!

Finding the Right Platform

Finding an email marketing platform that is cannabis friendly is critical. Not all email marketing services, including the big names in the market, are friendly to cannabis and even CBD businesses. In fact, many of the big email marketing platforms specifically prohibit the marketing of cannabis products or any type of marketing of cannabis businesses.

As the policies on cannabis marketing are continually changing, it is a wise step to reach out to the email platform and specifically ask what their policies are on marketing for a cannabis industry company. This ensures you get the policy statement in writing before signing up or attempting to send out your first email and being flagged right from the start.

Possible Options

Here are a few email marketing platforms that offer small to mid-sized email marketing campaigns and are also cannabis friendly.

  • Klaviyo – supports cannabis businesses with email and offers easy-to-use email services for small businesses
  • Emurcury – both CBD and cannabis, but requires all subscribers to opt-in to the email marketing campaign
  • Email Octopus – also requires everyone on the list subscribes to the newsletter
  • Hubspot – both CRM (customer relationship management) and email services for cannabis businesses
  • Moosend – cannabis-friendly for both emails and reporting
  • Alpine IQ – offers integration with most cannabis menus and loyalty programs

We prefer to use Klaviyo at SM Services as it allows for accurate metric and KPI tracking, as well as simple campaign and automated flow setup. If you have any questions about email marketing for the cannabis industry, be sure to contact us today!


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