Marketing Your Diverse Staffing Service

There are unique challenges and opportunities in any type of business. Working with a digital marketing agency experienced in your industry is always an advantage in creating highly effective marketing plans and campaigns.

The SM Services specializes in assisting staffing companies with their digital marketing efforts. Staffing companies have the unusual requirement of recruiting new candidates for their staffing rosters while also requiring a constant supply of businesses using their roster to fill their short- and long-term vacancies.

Having effective options for staffing and scheduling is always important for the long-term growth of the business. Our experience and specialization in working with staffing agencies allow us to quickly develop customized marketing strategies that reflect both sides of the business.

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Stand Out

We work with the staffing agency to develop a customized marketing plan. This includes helping agencies stand out by offering diverse staffing services that meet the demands of their current and potential business customers.

On the other side, we help create marketing materials that bring in the best candidates to fill a diverse staffing roster. Using PPC Google ads and strategic email campaigns, social media posts, and web development tools to deliver a clear, consistent message builds brand authority within your market area.

Tracking and Analytics

Each plan we develop for a staffing and scheduling business includes analytics and tracking that highlights how KPIs are met through the campaign. We use highly effective machine-learning software to reflect the campaign’s achievements in real time through a secure dashboard.

We provide useful, practical, and easy to understand reports along with exceptional customer service and support. Our team includes experts in creating engaging content, developing email campaigns that provide exceptional value to your business customers, and providing information for potential recruitment of highly skilled candidates for your roster.

If you are interested in more information on how we can help your staffing and scheduling business, reach out to us through our online form or call us at 480-626-2608.

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