Customized Beauty And Skincare Marketing Services

Demand for beauty and skincare products around the world continues to grow every year. The spending for beauty and cosmetic products in the United States alone exceeds 89.7 billion dollars per year. American adults spend an average of between $244 and $313 per month on these products, and this number increases year after year.

As the beauty and cosmetics industry continues to grow, new faces are entering. If you’re a new face yourself, this is a great opportunity to grow. If you have been in the industry for a while, you know new faces are new competition in a market that is already fierce. To get ahead of existing companies and stay ahead of new ones, you need to work with a beauty marketing agency to put together a plan of action to grow your business.

While most of the spending is on the large, established international beauty and skincare products and lines, there is an increasing demand for locally produced products from local businesses. Demand for these products has increased along with the desire for safer products with more transparent labeling and pricing, something local, community driven businesses are more willing to do.

At The SM Services, we are a full-service beauty marketing agency working with beauty and skincare companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a large skincare company looking to add a new dimension to your skincare marketing campaigns or a smaller boutique company looking to grow your business and awareness for the first time, we have customizable marketing services that will fit your needs.

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Comprehensive Cosmetic Marketing Services

Businesses providing beauty products, cosmetics, or skincare products benefit from working with the SM Services team. As one of our areas of focus, we know how to create makeup ads, tailor beauty SEO strategies, and broader skincare marketing strategies that will reach your target audience.

With over three decades of combined experience as a beauty, cosmetic, and skincare marketing agency, we know how to create targeted cosmetic advertising that speaks to your ideal demographic. We offer a full range of marketing options, including email campaigns, SMS and MMS, and social media campaigns, which are ideal for highlighting specific products and services.

In addition, we develop beautiful websites that are SEO optimized, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. To talk to a team member about your beauty marketing goals, call us today at 480-626-2608 or reach out online.

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