Improve Your B2C Marketing

The SM Services works with startups and established companies to tailor a B2C marketing strategy for the business and for the target audience. B2C companies, or business-to-consumer companies, require a different marketing strategy than companies selling to other businesses, government agencies, or organizations. You need to understand your consumers and their interests, and speak to them in a language they can understand. Forming that connection is at the heart of B2C marketing.

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Selling to The Consumer

We understand every aspect of B2C Marketing from establishing a product and brand to actually selling directly to your consumers.

Selling directly to consumers helps establish a deeper connection with them and also reduces your reliance on wholesale buyers and other middlemen. This gives you more control over the price of your products. Part of a B2C marketing strategy is identifying the kinds of sales and deals you want to run, but it’s also about identifying how you want to communicate these offerings. For example, you can send out promotions and updates through email or text message, or you can use more traditional avenues like billboards or radio. It is entirely dependent on your market and who you are hoping to reach and how many contacts or customers you already have.

Options to Consider

The SM Services team will develop a custom B2C marketing strategy based on your business’s positioning and needs. We’ll start by identifying what kind of services you need, and provide a service that matches your goals. If you are looking to grow awareness of your company or product, we can use display advertising and PPC to put you directly in front of likely purchasers. If your goal is retaining existing customers or re-engaging lost customers, we can use email marketing and SMS to stay top of mind. If you’re looking for organic, long term growth in a searchable industry, we can put together a custom SEO strategy to help increase your organic traffic.

Digital marketing for business-to-consumer companies in the health and wellness, cosmetics and beauty, staffing, insurance, and construction industries is a critical consideration. This marketing needs to be concise, clear, and keep your products, services, and branding front and center in the minds of your existing customers while also attracting new customers.

For more details on our marketing strategies, reach The SM Services by phone at 480-626-2608 or send us a message online.

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