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They say competition breeds innovation, and in a market as competitive as California it takes something special for a Cannabis company to prevail. Urban Flavours is that thing, covering San Francisco and San Jose as well as their surrounding areas Urban Flavours recognized that they needed a powerful brand awareness campaign. Thats why they put their trust in SM Services cannabis digital marketing experts to build successful SEO and Geo Targeting campaigns.

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Attracting New Visitors

If you aren’t staying in front of people it’s safe to say someone else is. With this in mind, Urban Flavours wanted to conquer local search results with an impactful SEO campaign. This meant going after high-volume keywords to rank above their biggest competitors. Now, about 75% of the traffic to Urban Flavours are new visitors. 

Our Technology

It’s one thing to serve ads, it’s another to serve ads to an audience that will actually find them meaningful and engaging. With our programmatic display technology, we can not only track and serve ads to your website visitors but also to audience groups who qualify as potential cannabis purchasers. 

With SM Services, Urban Flavours put their ads in front of over 740k devices and users that have shown proven interest in cannabis and cannabis delivery leaving no impression wasted. 

Engaging Ads

To keep crushing the CTR national average, our team creates eye-catching GIF ads in 9 sizes to ensure that Urban Flavours is seen across our massive publishing network no matter what device is being used.  

SEO & Programmatic Display Ads

Collecting customer data is essential to every marketing campaign, but the real power is how you retarget those website visitors. While collecting emails and phone numbers proves to be a viable option, with SM Services propriety technology, we can retarget those visitors, no email required. 

While our comprehensive SEO strategy brings new visitors to your digital storefront, our pixel collects that user information to send display ads to your most engaged audience. 

The result is a powerful brand awareness campaign that drives real revenue and keeps your brand top of mind.

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