Things You Cannot Say In CBD and Cannabis Marketing

Dispensary Internet Marketing and Advertising is the most important tool businesses in the CBD and cannabis industries have in getting their brands and products in front of consumers. However, CBD companies must stay within advertising guidelines as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It’s critical in today’s market to work with a cannabis marketing agency that you can trust to publish the right content without getting you in trouble.

Some of the universal things that are prohibited in advertising CBD products include:

  • Avoid indicating that CBD products cure or treat any health issues. This is considered a “claim.” This is true for both physical and psychological issues. For example, instead of stating CBD can be used to treat insomnia, statements that highlight that CBD results in better relaxation avoid any possible medical claim.
  • Avoid claims of treating of specific pain or inflammation. While CBD topical products are used to treat muscle and joint aches and pains, avoid stating they reduce pain or inflammation. Words such as soothe or calm or enhance recovery after a workout avoid any possible risk of being flagged as problematic.
  • No images of use – it is allowable to show images of the product, such as flower, concentrate, or even pre-rolls in advertising. However, it is not allowed to show the use of the product. This includes CBD edibles, beverages, or other products.
  • Medical terms should be avoided. This includes using words such as treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, or manage in conjunction with any type of medical or psychological condition. For example, instead of stating CBD can be used to manage depression, change the language to may help to improve mood.

Mistakes in advertising can be costly to your business. At SM Services, we are cannabis marketing experts and we provide advertising that is effective and fully compliant. To discuss your CBD or cannabis advertising needs, including cannabis SEO tips, Cannabis business consulting, delta 8 marketing and much more, call us at 480-626-2608.

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