Marketing For Cannabis Dispensaries: How To Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Google, like many other platforms, has specific requirements in place for anyone listing a cannabis dispensary. However, there are a number of features that cannabis dispensaries can use to provide the information new and existing customers need to see about your business.

Complete All Information

There are several ways to provide information to your customers through a Google My Business Page, which is now known more simply as Google Business. This includes your cannabis dispensary address, phone number, and website URL. It also includes photos, hours of operation, and a description of up to 750 characters.

While 750 characters may not seem like a lot of information, strategic planning of the words and phrases can provide a clear picture to customers looking for a cannabis dispensary in your geographic area.

Be Sure to Request Reviews

Google rewards businesses that get positive customer reviews. Many cannabis dispensaries offer something as a thank you for a review, but this cannot be premised on only leaving a positive review.

Next, be sure to respond to the review. This is a relationship-building technique and allows you to provide more information or to recognize the comment left by the customer.


Posting relevant information about your business and completing a Q&A section on your Google Business listing is another important way to share how your dispensary is different from the competition. Think about what your customer wants to know about all aspects of your business and create a comprehensive Q&A that is informative and adds value to the customer’s online experience.

Finally, monitor your Google Business listing and be sure to remove inappropriate images and duplicate listings to continue to rank with Google Business pages.

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