How To Create Effective Cannabis Marketing Campaigns

The complicated legal status of cannabis across the United States makes it difficult for companies trying to market their products. This is true for medical marijuana, recreational cannabis, or even the many different options in CBD products with higher levels of THC.

Hiring an Agency you can Trust

Working with an experienced, specialized cannabis marketing agency is the best option. These companies can work with your current website, social media platforms, and digital marketing to create a campaign that not only attracts your ideal customers but ensures the marketing meets all compliance requirements.

These ad agencies have the tools, industry understanding, and the experience in marketing to create customized cannabis marketing campaigns for your business. They can also develop effective strategies for networking and affiliate marketing to grow your business.

Essential Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of the central factors to consider with any cannabis marketing campaign:

  • Avoid medical claims – it is good practice to provide links to reputable research papers on the use of medical marijuana. However, do not make any specific health or medical benefit claims in marketing. Google, Facebook, and other major organizations frown upon this practice and may even penalize companies that frequently utilize these tactics.
  • No endorsements – while customers can write reviews on your business or your products, you cannot feature endorsements of any kind in the marketing or advertising of cannabis.
  • No use – as with endorsements, it is prohibited to show the consumption of cannabis in any form in advertising.

It cannot be understated that most social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have strict policies on the marketing of cannabis products. Be sure to understand the current policies before advertising or marketing on these platforms.

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