Effective Strategies For CBD Marketing

With the legalization of CBD products through the 2018 Farm Bill, manufacturers can now sell these products throughout the United States. However, there are still different state laws that apply to CBD products.

For example, Wyoming allows the sale of all CBD products with less than .3% THC, while in Virginia, the CBD products cannot contain more than 0.5% THC. Other states, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, and many others, require that the product is approved by the FDA to be sold in the state.

Legal Considerations

An effective CBD marketing campaign ensures that any CBD product advertising and marketing is fully compliant with all state-level laws and requirements. This is an essential consideration if a hemp company is selling their products online and in different states.

Targeting the Right Audience

Before starting any CBD marketing program, it is essential to intimately know your target audience. For example, CBD salves and balms are often sold to athletes or those looking for ways to reduce muscle pain after a workout. CBD oils may be marketed to those looking for solutions to provide relaxation and reduce anxiety or to assist with overall health and well-being.

Marketing specific products to different groups of people is essential as part of the marketing strategy. Ages, interests, geographic area, and even income level play a part in targeting the right message to the right potential customer.

Finally, effective CBD marketing uses the right platform. This could include social media posts, banners and PPC advertising, websites, or even print and traditional marketing techniques. For most companies, online marketing will be the critical factor in building a receptive and loyal customer base.

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