CBD Display Ads: 6 Tips For Effective CBD Advertising And Retargeting

CBD advertising is increasingly important for both established and new manufacturers and retailers. The number of cannabinoids on the market combined with the different brands and options in formulations and products makes it critical to have effective CBD advertising and marketing in place.

Challenges to Overcome

However, due to the lack of approval by the FDA, retailers still have to be extremely careful with the language used in their marketing campaigns. These ads cannot make medical claims, even when there are published, peer-reviewed research papers with scores of positive feedback and anecdotal reviews from raving customers.

Options in Advertising

CBD display ads / geo-targeting provides an effective marketing technique to keep your products top-of-mind while reaching new customers. To help ensure the ads offer maximum impact on the target audience, consider these six tips:

  • Get organic – posting organic content on social media platforms that uses the right SEO strategy and does not violate any policies for these platforms is effective, but only if you consistently use branding.
  • Podcasts – guesting on podcasts and talking about CBD, your company, or your brand is a great way to advertise. Providing short ads in podcasts is another option to consider.
  • Work with influencers – working with a social media influencer to highlight your brand offers positive results. It is important to choose the influencer that will reach your desired demographic.
  • Use CBD-friendly platforms – there are online magazines, digital publications and CBD-friendly native advertising options that bypass the rules of the big social media platforms.
  • Old school options – billboards that meet any local or state laws for advertising CBD products placed in high traffic areas can offer a top ROI.
  • Affiliate marketing – rewarding others for sending new customers to your website provides a digital “word of mouth” marketing opportunity.

Marketing CBD is a challenge, but there are ways to get your products and brand front and center for your target audience. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD advertising and digital marketing strategies, we invite you to reach more about our geo-targeting service, or simply get in touch with us today!

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